Bike keeps shifting into neutral from 1st to 2nd gear


Hi Just wondering I've read other posts about this problem, just hoping someone has a remedy. When I am shifting from 1st to 2nd the bike every once in a while goes into neutral. I have had this bike for about 6 months now and when I first got the bike it never did this. I make sure I click my foot hard up to shift all the time. Is the clutch slipping or is there something I can tighten? I just got the oil changed, could it be crappy oil they used? It is starting to happen more frequently and it is really annoying. Every other gear is flawless past 2nd gear.


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You got to kick it hard into second and sixth. There's a false neutral between fifth and sixth too. I hit it when I rushed on the Gen I, half not had the issue with the Gen II.

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It happened to me all of the sudden for no apparent reason...I adjusted my shift lever a bit and that did it...gave it a little more room to move up into gear.


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Could just be an adjustment issue, move the lever down one click. Also ask what kind of oil, I went to Mobil One full synthetic and she shifted like butter. But like DO3 pointed out, there is a false neutral and you have to shift with authority.


I had the same issue, I find revving to 4 or 5 K and load the shifter slightly helps it fall right in, just where the bike wants to be shifted.


moving the foot lever might help as well I have to do that when I switch between work boots and riding boots... my gen 1 done it more often than my gen 2 does


Finally found the problem, sometimes it can be the smallest thing that changes everything. I traced my steps back to when this problem first started to happen and I remembered that I put a shifter sock on the shifter. It is the kind that has a zipper on it, when I got it in the mail I just noticed how cheap it seemed to be made. Well anyway to make a long story short, I took the damn thing off and now it shifts flawlessly. Thanks everyone for the input
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