Biggest rat I have ever seen!!

Re: Biggest rat I have ever seen!!

Back yard pets here in Texas!

I used to hand feed a big 'ol 25# monster. Yes they have some wicked teeth. Very cool when you scare them & they actually "play opossum." They roll over on their back w/ their tongue hanging out & stiffen their body. If you leave they will peek, then haul A$$.
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Re: Biggest rat I have ever seen!!

Just go kill an Armadillo and have Possum on the Half Shell :thumbsup:

Great with Doritos and Salsa :laugh:
"Willys" are the dumbest creature I have ever encountered. Brain is the size of a pea. Road crossing skills in line with Porkupine. Probably won't remember where it got the handout. Found one holed up inside the chest cavity of a dead deer onetime. "nice digs" ???
Screw that possum.

It's got rabbies and that is bad for you .

I once hit a big ole possum dead center and did the Endo- of- a - Lifetime because of it .

And I'm talking like mid 80's before they were popular.

Cleaned possum guts off for weeks.

Do everyone a favor, Hav-A-Heart trap the thing and drive it 10 miles into the forest to live a natural life.

Cause it sure looks like tire bait to me.
there is no way that any rat weighs 15 or 20 lbs...

Have you been to D.C. at night? Those rats would make that possom look like a little mouse. Ok, I am only exaggerating a little.

But glad the dog is OK and hopefully your wife has calmed down.:whistle:
Re: Biggest rat I have ever seen!!

did I make a mistake giving it some food?

Um, yeah. They are disease-ridden scavengers. We used to shoot 'em on sight. Kept a 410 next to the door jamb just for that purpose alone.

Nasty animals.

I don't get it Randy - you live in the country, right? and surprised to see a possum...
In the time I've live in LA I've had deer, quail, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, coyote, mountain lions, and owls hanging out in my yard at one time or another. :laugh: