Big Thanks To 91shplx & Fishhook!!!


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Bud (91shplx), Kevin (Fishhook), Kevin's son Kris, and I rode the Cherohala-Dragon loop yesterday. On the way back through the Dragon I noticed a clicking noise from my clutch cover. I had seen the service bulletin and knew right away that it was probably clutch bolts backing out. Kevin listened to it at the CROT and immediately recognized the sound. We were over 100 miles from home at that point, so we decided to go ahead and fix it there. I hadn't even had the plastic off of my Gen II yet, but Bud and Kevin had both done this fix before. We were able to borrow some tools from a couple of guys at the CROT and Bud went right to work, while Kevin and Kris rode toward Robbinsville to get Locktite from Wheeler's Performance. Thanks to Wheeler's for loaning us a bottle for the job. :thumbsup:
About halfway through the job a storm came through and flash flooded the Gap for a few minutes, but then Bud and Kevin got back on it. It turned out that one of the bolts was loose, but there was no damage yet. :please:

Anyway, I may have been stuck on the side of the road without these guys. Thanks again for all your help! :beerchug:

Oh, and here's a like to the Service Bulletin for those of you who may have missed it.





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Yep, only at the org.. :) Kevin is top notch (but impossible to keep up with when his azz is on fire)


Ok...see I appreciate this post. Great reminder. I was thinking this service bulletin was not such a big deal. Now...there is no question I need to get off my ass & just get it done!
Nice to be riding with peeps that had already completed it before.
:thumbsup: to the CROT for lending the tools.


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Yep, only at the org.. :) Kevin is top notch (but impossible to keep up with when his azz is on fire)
Man, that's the truth! I try to follow and learn what I can before he disappears around the next turn...

Had a great time! More Pics?:whistle::whistle::whistle:
Yeah, about that... Umm, I kinda left the SD card at home yesterday, so the stuff I put up here was just about all the camera's internal memory could take... :banghead::banghead::banghead:

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