Big hands?


I have 2011 Busa I bought new and I finally had enough with the stock mufflers, bought a Yoshimura R77 full system and a PowerCommanderV. Got the pipes on with out much hassle, but I screwed up with the PowercommanderV. Getting the stock lower injector harness unplugged was a son-of-a-gun for me, there's not much room in there for my big hands, and I ended up breaking the plug on cylinder #2. I'm screwed! Tried a Suzuki dealer, I was told I'd have to buy a whole new wiring system, I don't think so.

Now what do I do?

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Any way to just connect the wires without a connector. I've owned two Busa, for a total of 76K miles and never messed with an injector.

Otherwise PM GIXERHP he's a great mechanic on here.
Robert, can't just connect the wires, the electrical connection on the injector is way inside, no way to get at it....Thanks

Sorry to hear what happened, but since you ended up breaking the plug on cylinder, you can do 2 things to repair it, either replace the harness w/c is very expensive, or try to look for salvage parts and re-tap it in your existing harness.