big bore / stroker kits


I'm looking for a well known respectible place to purchase a big bore / stroker kit. Please post webpage if applicable.

I've searched google and found a few places however, they were over seas. I'd like a source from the U.S.

What's the typical cost of machine work to install a 1585cc kit?

Basically I'm trying to plan out a home built tubular frame street car busa powered with as much power as possible on pump gas (turbos welcome).



Muzzy sells a billet cylinder kit for about $3000. Pretty sweet but big $. With a stroker crank, it will go up to 1600cc


Thanks for the info bro. I'll check their site out.

That price is a bit more than I expected may just have to switch to a V8! LOL

Do you happen to know if any clearancing is needed for the crank?


I don't have first hand experience on blocks. All my info is advertizing. But Muzzy is a good name in racing. The unit they sell is hogged out af a solid billet on CNC and not a rebore of the stock block which ends up in thin wall cylinders and possible cracking. I think I read that stroker cranks do need block clearancing. With all the machine work and parts it is likely to double the original cost of your bike to get a big bore. I would think that it would be muchmore reliable than a turbo or even nitrous. There is no beating more cc's in HP vs. reliability. Turbos win the HP/cc race with a lot of boost.


Muzzy sells a billet cylinder kit for about $3000.  Pretty sweet but big $. With a stroker crank, it will go up to 1600cc

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Does anyone actually run that 1661cc setup? The Muzzys billet block for 2900 and then a stroker crank? Sounds like an awesome setup... For the $$ sounds like turbo/nitrous is a lot cheeper HP tho.


Nitrous is the cheapest way to make HP of all of them. Turbo and Supercharger are next. But all of these have problems. Nitrous is limited by how much nitrous you carry and can grenade an engine instantly if it malfunctions. Turbos and SCs are limited by tetonation due to heat from compression and fuel/octane supply. They can blow a hole in a piston like it is butter if it leans out and detonates at high RPM. I used the Whipple supercharger on my boat to go from 330HP to 520HP running 92 octane pump gas at 5 PSI boost. Very reliable with the intercooler and no change to the engine at all. But nothing come close to normally aspirated for reliability. It does cost more to make as much HP using normal aspiration as nitrous or a blower. For the street / long trips, I would stick to normally aspirated. If you are at all concerned about gas mileage, the nitrous is the way to go since it only needs more gas when it is activated. Otherwise it runs the same as a stock engine. Big displacement engines make more HP all the time and therefore need more gas all the time. Turbos are inbetween since at low RPM (cruising) they don't make much boost and only need slightly more gas than stock. Then as the RPM and boost rise the fuel consumption is greater.

The big bore kits Muzzy and others sell are what I will try when I use up the stock engine. Stroking the engine is great for torque but can lower your max RPM and can limit your Max HP increase. You need stronger rods and special short skirt pistons that cost more $. It creates other strength concerns in the engine such as crank flexure and case flexure that can short the engine's life. Sometimes the cases have to be milled out to gain enough clearance for the crank to swing. That weakens the case when you are going to put more forces through it. Not a great idea.

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