Best tires for Hayabusa

Ahmed Yousry

Hello bros,

i had my 2011 Hayabusa with Bridgestone tires, and after about 9000 miles i changed them with Michlen Power 2CT which last only for 4000 miles!!!!!
now, can you advise which is better as i am comparing the Continental VS Perilli, and i am really lost between the many reviews i've read comparing those 2 brands and ended up without any decision!!!


I have used pirelli tires for some time. I really like them. I have rosso's on them now but i had a set or 2 of what they used to call strada tires which were more of a sport touring tire. It had a harder center and medium side as i recall .... That was a great tire for all around riding. Rode the dragon many a time and could drag knee all day long with no problem. I dont think they have the strada now. I think its been replaced with another name but the same concept just updated. The only downside is that in the spring here in Ohio the tire is a bit cold and hard to warm up if your leaning on it around the 60 degree or below mark but otherwise a fine tire. As far as which is best I dont know that there is a best. Someone once told me that regardless of what tire you put on it, it is likely a better tire than you are as a rider. So any good tire will perform great. I like the Michelin power one look but i know it wont last very long by comparison. I think the perilli angels tire are the new sport touring model. anyway. enjoy


What are you looking for in a tire? Grip, longevity, both?

I have the new Pirelli angel GT's on currently. They are suiting my needs, and have exceeded my expectations in the wet.

Many great choices out there. Read reviews, try on some shoes and make your own best assessment.


9000 miles on bridgestones can't have been the OEM tyres....mine barely made it to 2500 and generally i'm easy on tyres.

So as already queried...what do you need from a tyres....mileage or grip, wet,dry or cold ability.

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It's all about what you use the bike for, commuting, cruising bike nights, canyon carving or combos of several different things. I run a much harder tire in the winter because all I do is slab on a 4 lane back and forth to work. Summer calls for a much softer tire for my mountain riding.


Post your own personal conditions by which you will be using the hayabusa.

I love Michelin tyres ....either Pilot power/ 2CT or pure when I need to stick hard to the ground.

Having an abundance of grip under you is what really matters but ofcourse this comes as a COST.

How much do you really want to pay and how often based on your riding style.

In my opinion I'm happy to pay for the comfort of knowing that I'm riding on the best rubber!

It's your call!

Ahmed Yousry

Thank you all for your reply.
of course grip is the first thing one has to seek in his tires especially with the Hayabusa monster, how ever after reviewing some riders reviews i am no coparing between Rirelli and Continental, so please try to help me choosing the best of those two.


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Grip vs. Mileage: That's normally what the tradeoff comes down too. Pick which one you want most and then ppl can make a suggestion. Hint, for the FRONT, grip is more important that mileage....


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I only put Dunlop Q-2s on my busa, grip is more important to me than mileage. Of the two brands you offered, I would go with the Pirelli's.


Ive run Metzeler sportech M3's and got quite a bit of miles out of them and they've held up in the turns as well. Im living up North so riding conditions are sometimes less than ideal but they've always gotten the job done :whistle:


Try the Dunlop Roadsmart IIs. They are a long lasting tire like the Bridgestone. Great traction and very good tread life.


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Running Michelin PR3's , tremendous rain tire, all the grip I'll ever need, and I'm suppose to get 15K out of them. I've only had them on for a couple thousand miles or so. Another individual is on his third set and claims 15K.

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Try the Dunlop Roadsmart IIs. They are a long lasting tire like the Bridgestone. Great traction and very good tread life.
I've run roadsmarts before and they are great tires. I'm on Bridgestones Bt-023 on the rear and can't complain with it either.


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Everyone has their favorites.

Avon sport touring here... gone through many sets of them last couple years.



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Currently, using Michelin Pilot power PURE. Recommended tyres for Busa andlike the performance so far
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