Best time to ride


I personally LOVE early mornings, like 4:30 or 5 AM before I go to work at 6. :banana:
Seems like there is less cops out then...
Late at night, 10pm to 4am Oklahoma spring and summer lightning storms are incredible to watch.
I work nights and ride mostly at night. I commute daily on the bike, 10k miles since it was new in Oct, '01. Getting up early for the Sun morning ride like everybody else is impossible. So I go in the afternoon, regardless of the heat. Night time is the best, hardly any traffic, or cops. That's also when I discovered the awesome acceleration of the 'Busa. 45-130 in about a quarter mile.
I'm with Captain: The heat really blows, so if it's not hot (under 90) that's my favorite time to ride. Black leather is not cool
Week days 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Get home in time for peak rush hour. No speed traps and little traffic on the County roads then. Problem is I'm wearing out the bike - 6500 miles since spring. Those tire costs are BIG!
I love to ride anytime but I am with Cap some of those lightning stormas are awsome. Night riding isnt my favorite I like to see the roads I am on . Besides the bugs in Maine get bigger at night . I love to cruise the beach at night though and find some new people to ride with .
anytime actually except those 100 degree days we've been having here lately. Afternoons on the country roads are great to cruise and just enjoy the sights and the feel of the bike. Nights-because its something about strapping on your gear, feeling the warm air surround you, and seeing the multi-colored lights in the rearview and knowing they can't identify you or your bike
Im with all the other vampires. It almost aways has to be either dusk or just down right night time. Cant stand the daylight, hurts my eyes. Over-sensative to the sunlight. Only thing about the night time is the fact that all the wild little critters around hear like to try to become speed bumps at night. Ever jumped over an amadilo??? I have. On my old ZX-10. Trust me, It sux!!

So in other words, would have to be the night time for me.

I ride whenever I can. Haven't had the chance to roll since getting back from LoBusa's place. "Girlfriend" was tired trying to keep up with LoBusa! Oh by the way Lo's bike is named Dexter. He is cool. Tried to put the make on girlfriend. I will probably have a bunch of hayabusa mini bikes in my garage in 9 months.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:

BABY BUSA mini bikes!! is Dex going to have to pay minibike support, you know, for mods and such.......

I don't want to bankrupt him. Just get me a PCIII and we will call it even.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa: