Best or worst advice you have ever got


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I got a few.
The dean of the university in the movie Animal House told the boys..
"Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life son." Thats good advice.

Only advice I got from my alchoholic brother...

"If you go to a party and no one offers,just help yourself." Booze killed him at 39. I was 29.Not the best advice.

Got any...



I made a new friend on my way to Vietnam, at the 90th replacement Bn. as we boarded trucks on our way to our new units I heard him call me. I looked out the back and there he was , as we pulled out he yelled “Remember lord takes care of those that don’t give a good time” never saw again.


Its a cool ride eh...50 years. Very cool. About 40 yrs for me...last 20 on busa's and everything else. 5th or 6th busa. There's no turning back now brother.

Nope, this will be my last bike.

I've been riding Suzukis since '85. Kawasakis and Yamahas before that. Even the quad I had was a Suzuki (250 Quadracer).

Always wanted a Hayabusa ever since I first sat on one at the Toronto bike show Dec '98. Life got in the way though and I already had 3 bikes that I loved...slowly I got down to one bike and then the Hayabusa came up on the radar again. Boss lady said to go get one already and here I am a couple years later.

Berlin Germany

grin yellow - i never wanted a busa cause i had no chance to ride longer than 30 minutes without mighty pain in hands and neck
and you need a computer to messure wheel´s profile depth - damn so much electronics in there - i said.

but when i sat on the 1st busa with superbike bar
all changed even i think till today that she is ugly in every sight BUT the motor !!!!!!!
so i got my 2nd last year cause 1st was gone ....


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When I was eight years old my father introduced me to his auto mechanic, i hesitated for a split second when I shook his hand as it was dirty from his job.

On the ride home my father said;

"Never refuse to shake a man's hand regardless of how dirty it is"

Wise words that have stuck with me till this day.


Berlin Germany

yes kiwi
In oct 2016 at a sunday´s late afternoon, here in the city i left it for 2 hours next to the sidewalk and it was gone. bad luck
But I got from the insurance 10k €, because I had a value report (20 pages) about 11.2k € and this was taken over in the insurance as an addition to the contract.

the 10k were then a very pain-relieving compensation.
here we call it "glück im unglück" means "luck in misfortune".

for my new '00 (36000km), bought in mai 2018, I also got a value report - worth now : 12.5k €
as a "smart boy" ;) the time between buy and report was only around 4 weeks ;-)
that value report also was taken over in the insurance .

the only tiny snag is that i have to renew the value report every 2 years and submit this new one then again to the insurance company .
costs for that renewing report only arround 50 € - so what ;-)

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