Best Mother's Day present :)

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I pointed out to her that its the 'whole house' model so she doesn't miss an inch. :laugh:
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A few weeks ago my wife said she needed an apron so she can quit running her shirts. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a black apron with pink edging, and several different bright colors of fabric paint. I'm going to have the kids put there hand prints all over it in different colors. I'm even going to put the babies butt print on it, lol.

She'll get that along with a coupon for an mani/pedi at her favorite nail salon, and dinner out wherever she wants to go. I bought special scrapbook paper and stickers so the kids could make her cards too.
She asked for it. She was going thru her mental list of things she wanted and then said 'you know what I need a new Vacuum!'
I lovey wife. :)
she's just waiting for you to let down your guard and then you'll wake up to the sight of a vacuum descending toward your head :laugh:
:rulez: If there was one life lesson I learned that I will NEVER forget, it is that you NEVER EVER give a girl/woman a household appliance as a gift for an occasion like Mother's Day, B Day, etc., even if they ask for it. Give that to them at another time and instead, give them something that will make them feel special.

Women are not like men. Men would love to get that tool they really need as a gift so they can "work" on something. Women, on the other hand, love to get gifts that don't have anything to do with work (read household chores) but rather focuses on them...letting them know that they are special and not taken for granted.

Oh, and I've found that in situations such as the aforementioned, women have very long when given the opportunity, choose wisely. :thumbsup:
Blanca, since you will be using that most of the time, how about some mods?

Carbon fiber wheels.
Stainless flexible hoses.
Change the red to metallic white.
Add a BMC race filter.
Sound amplifier with a Busa beat.
ECU tune and remove the rev limiter.
I dunno,she seems pretty excited,she won't even stop vacuuming as she calls her friends to tell them what a wonderfull boy she has. ???

I think it's rule number 7 sub-section B..... "Never give a women anything that plugs in".