Best method to price out OE parts?


Long story short- I had a good friend of mine wheel my Busa out of my garage and then drop it in my driveway. Lots of parts need to be replaced. My insurance company said I could build a quote myself for the repairs. What is the best methond for locating OE parts numbers and prices for the replacement parts that I need.



FYI: I just stumbled across Seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.

The side fairing (94460-15H21-YAY) is listing as "black". Am I correct to assume these are already painted? And they'll simply only need to be installed on the bike and have the decals installed?


I would just go to the shop and get a list made up
I might still do that. At the very least, I'd like to have my own list to compare to their quote though. Just to make sure they don't miss anything or opt for generic replacement parts.

Plus, if the plastics come already painted, then I really don't need a body shop anyway...


I would go to maybe two shops and get quotes to do the work (labor) and parts.

Then IF you are so inclined your insurance should send you a check minus the deductible and you COULD then order the parts
and do the work yourself saving the labor fee.

If the dealer gives you OME part numbers then you should be getting OME. I believe that for each model year they list the parts (like fairings) in each color.
So I don't think you will have to paint them but you will need the decals. If painting was needed it should be shown on the quote from the dealer.

Where in SW MI are you?


Whenever I have to buy OEM parts I use any website I can find with a Micofiche of the parts diagram, make a list of all the part numbers then google search them one by one to find the best pricing. Call your dealer if you need verification on one of the part numbers based on your VIN.

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