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Hey guys, I know everyone has their own thing about helmets but i was wonder if i could get some advice on what is the best helmet. I have a Shoei and when i got it it was pretty quite, Now i have put about 9 K on my bike and i have noticed that it is getting pretty loud. It still fits good and for what it cost (almost $500.00) i would have thought it would have kept the noise out a lot longer.


i just switched from an arai quantum f to the shoei rf1000 and i like the shoei better. i think both lids are just as noisy because of the vent air flow to keep your melon cool. i use a windjammer2 Proline - Favourites - Ankle Back Knee Shoulder Thumb Wrist Support and Braces - For all sports and supports to kill the airflow/noise creeping up under the lid. problem solved!
Do you get very hot with this on? We have 90 degree weather here now. I like the idea. Thanks
the jammer works like a charm! weather in qatar gets as high as 122 and sometimes higher. and believe it or not i find it cooler inside the helmet with the jammer on; coz when hot air is comin in i feel my brain's fryin. So the jammer helps with noise, and keeps my brain... RARE!... need not mention all the dust and crap in the desert sky

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