best friend is dead


My best friend Stan Zhelyazkov died last Friday May 15,2003.
He was only 20yrs old. Him and a friend were heading up north on 441 when a 70yr old man ran a stop sign and cut straight across 3 lanes. Stan had less than a second to react. He tried to swerve but it was 2 late. He was doing atleast 45mph when his blue R1 yamaha motorcycle struck the chevrolet metro between the front tire and the driver side door. The car was thrown onto the median while stan flew over the car but still hitting it 2 some extent. He than hit the ground rolling on the street through the median. As he did that his head hit a tree and snapped his neck. Stan and the motorcycle were found all the way on the south bound lanes.
I got the call from his friend and arrived at the scene about 10min after. I saw the aftermath. A bike trail of parts...a distroyed car and a bike without a single piece of plastic left on it. Stan never even had a chance. He was more than a brother to me. He was the person that I tried to be. He was a huge part of my life as well as many others. He was the most careful rider of us all. He never wanted anything from anyone. He never smoked drank r did anything that was bad. He always smiled and helped people in anyway he could.

I remember the day he bought his bike. He was the proudest man that I have ever met. He was always so happy and never looked down on life no matter how hard times got. He is a person that can never be replaced. A person as inoscent as a child.

The article is also from the accident. If u wanna read it download it. However it not accurate. It basically blames the bikes by saying they were weaving in traffic when that is not true.

My reason for posting this is to try and make us riders more aware of our surroundings and to really slow down and focus on places like intersections and busy streets.
Pray for him, his family and friends.

I dont know what awse to say so this will be it.


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My prayers to you and your friend. Remember the good times you had and know he is in a better place where the roads are all twisties and trafficless.
Sorry to hear that, prayers to you and his family

guys and gals always try to be more careful than
you have to be
sorry to hear about this...
even as you said...nothing could have been done....
how did the moron in the car turn out??
when a 70yr old man ran a stop sign and cut straight across 3 lanes.
I've had enuff of these old fug's , that THINK they can still drive . you reach an age where yer shid just dont fuggin' work anymore . it's different for everybody , but sooner or later yer mind and/or body is fugged . face up to it . sell the car,cancel the insurance,no gas , no repair bills , no tires,oil. NUTHIN . that saved dough equals alot of fuggin CAB/TAXI/BUS rides .
Old Crag-Bag in my town . She starts her GIGANTIC Fuggin Cage (why do their cars get bigger as their bodies get smaller)in a bank parking lot , she puts it in drive [SHE THINKS] actually it's reverse , she blasts in reverse thru a hedge , over the sidewalk ,across a six lane road , over another curb and thru the window of a laundromat .
Her excuse....I panicked , and couldn't get to the brake.
THE FUGGIN' BRAKE IS RIGHT THERE , 2 inches from the "KILL-PEDAL" yer were usin' .

I say kill them all.....ok...ok....a bit strong...
How about a mandatory driving test every six months,upon reaching...."The Killing Years".... oops.... I mean the....
"The Golden Years".

Ya I know....Uncle Jed still dun drive his pick-up real darn good.
Problem is Uncle Jed is one in a million , and his last brain cell is about to pop .
Get 'em off the road . It's a fast paced world out there.
If you know some granny , some senile old fug , yer wife's- sister's-husbands father who is still drivin' .......
that really sucks to hear....

always ride defensively, be prepared for anyone to pull out of nowhere at anytime. including squirrels.

r.i.p. fellow rider..................
I am very sorry to hear of your loss, 2000

It is always terrible to hear things like this. Your friend was too young to lose his life. He had so much ahead of him. I will pray for him and his family and for you too. May your pain resolve and your good thoughts of him grow and inspire you.

I am glad to hear that you found a lesson in this tragedy. Your friend may have given you the most important gift he could. You will draw from this experience and be safer for it. He may still one day save your life.
We're hear for ya crash 2000, whenever you need to vent.... just come back and say what's on yer mind.
It's more than just a tragedy when someone dies by accident
let alone when that someone is so young.
My most heartfelt sympathy to you, Stan's family and all who's lives were touched by him, he sounds like he would have been a great friend to all.
May he fly on the wings of Angels forever!!!!!
Sorry about your loss. I know how it feels to loose a close friend and it sucks. Hope you take a good long ride with him in mind since he would probably like that. Take care brother and ride safe.
Sorry To hear about your Loss...At least Stan was doing what he loved, and that is something that cannot be said about many.

As for the old folks behind the wheel? Try riding in Florida in the Winter...something has to be done...Annual exams, something...
Very sad to read this Crash, plz tell his family about your friends here sharing your grief. And may all of us be extra careful. - Kent


Another sad day for all of us,my sympathy to you and your friends family . Thanks for sharing the sad story,hopefully something good will come out of it if thats possible.
It saddens me to hear about your friend. Thank you for posting. Even if it gets only one person to think about what can happen the post (not the lose) is worth it.
I lost my best friend when I was in my twenties also. It's not an easy thing to get over. My thoughts are with you and his family.

I am so sorry.