Best Exhaust (Performance vs. Sound Wise)


TiForce Soumo if you can find one. Next choice would be an Akrapovic. Or you can follow the herd and buy a Brocks.
This has been discussed thousand's of times. Try the search function,it's very helpful ;)


I just got a 2016 Busa and I can't decide between the full yoshimuras or the full two brothers.


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Yosh for me to. They dont make my favorite anymore, I cant pronounce it nor spell it.

Uncle Jimmy

I would say Yoshi. I bought my 2012 in 2013 when Suzuki was giving them away with the new purchase. They look the best, sound the best and is a preferred product of my local Suzuki mechanic when tuned my bike.


Love my brocks single ct. Performance and the sound I wanted.
Thought I'd scored on an almost new CT Meg(think it had less than a 1000 miles on it)for $950 but turned out it was the one with the meg mounting off of the passenger peg bracket and I wanted the shorter version which mounts to the right rear set.Had my Short Meg sold for $400 so only would've been into it for $550(+ my 4 year old pipe),crap.:DThat CT Meg is definitely top of the line.:thumbsup:


I have the higher mount one. But it might just be switching out the muffler and pipe between that and the collector to allow you to get the lower mount one. That's a great price. I got mine for 1k used as well.

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