Best battery for Gen 2

MattyIce 79

Hello .org bro’s. Looking to get a new battery. Mine is on it’s last leg. Any recommendations? I’ve read on our site that riding with a battery that’s not putting out proper power is not healthy for our Busa’s and can make the electronics act weird.

Thanks in advance:)


I've been happy with my Shorai for about 9 years now. Get one of the new generation lightweight batteries as long as it has a track record for not malfunctioning. Don't bother with a new lead acid.


I got this one. Excellent especially for the price of 39.99 shipped and it's a gel. took about 4 days to get it. Irregardless of price, after I changed, I didn't ride for 2 months. cranked up strong and fast.



A Lith battery is one of the quickest (and easiest) ways to shed 10 lbs off bike weight. Plenty of recommendations on this site which brands complement the Gen II. And the sponsors here are all Busa-centric, so buying one from them you know it's a good fit
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