Best aftermarket seat for the Busa


I want to get an aftermarket seat for my busa, but I dont know which one. I'm thinking about getting that Corbin front/rear seat with the backrest, that way Jenn isnt pulling me off the bike when I'm doing wheelies and launching hard. Has anyone bought the corbin seats? How were they? Anyone gotten the gel seat? let me know!

Corbin only way to fly!
mybike.jpg know I like ya but that seat sucks...........I just couldn't do it......looks like a cruiser seat.
my wife like the rear corbin its more comfortable and it keeps her from sliding into me as much

i need to get a front seat for me but not sure if i should get a corbin or a suzuki gel seat
Thats whats great about the back-rest! It can be removed with a allen wrench (and undoing the back seat with a key). So long as you have a passenger you hardly notice it! And I guarantee they will love it! I bought mine used on this board less than 4 c-notes for the whole thing. Busahigg, when I'm riding by myself the backrest is history.
I have a corbin too. When I first got it, I hated it. Now I kinda like it. I wish I had the gel for comparison though... I hear they are nice and nearly 1/2 the price of a Corbin.

Come on Gel'ers, speak up.

Corbin front, rear, and backrest. I rode from NC to Daytona and back last august over a 3 day weekend. On the way back My butt was screaming CORBIN CORBIN CORBIN, so after calling my lady to let her know i was safely home, I bought a corbin front seat on ebay for $125. Its GREAT. Ibought the rear and backrest for my lady, who feels more secure with the backrest and the rear seat is definitely more comfortable. When she is not riding-ITs the hump!

Buy it you wont regret it.
I had a gel... now I have a Corbin. Wife says the rear corbin & backrest are worth TWICE what Corbin charges.
Check their website but its about $630 for the set of 3.


I have a corbin for the rear passenger. The stock one had her sliding into me constantly. She loves it.
I have the Corbin seat, it took some time to become comfortable with the seat.  Now that I'm used to the seat, I couldn't go back to the stock seat.  The Corbin backrest is great for passengers.  $$$$
Let me be the first to give testimony for the Gel seat. I ordered one from Ron Ayers ($99.95) and this seat is the bomb. You can't beat the comfort. Now, I haven't been on a Corbin, but I would be willing to put my Gel up against a Corbin in a comfort comparison anyday. Just my .02

Anyone have any follow up on this discussion? I am thinking about a new seat, and still do not know which way to go really...