Bent Rotor?


Howdy all,

In the process of putting on a new tire earlier this summer, I bent my rear rotor a tad. When spinning the wheel, I can tell that it has a bit of a gradual bend on it. Since I had bought new rear pads anyways, I ran it. I thought the pads would wear very fast, but they seem to be holding on fine. I have noticed slightly reduced braking power, but I can still lock it up as it always had in the rain. I also do NOT feel anything strange through the pedal.

So, my question to you guys is, have you guys ran with a rotor in the rear like this before? I am ordering a new rotor anyways just to be safe, but I cant figure out why it has worked so well for all these miles (about 4000)

Rear brake? I don't think my bike has one! Just kidding, I just never use it unless on a gravel parking lot or the like.
I guess worst case scenario the pads wear faster. Pads are cheap anyways. We will see how much it rubs.

the bent spot has just worn the pads the same way the rotor is bent why it's lasted. one time though you will go to stop and if the stars are lined up, you won't have brakes when you really need them. I have rear rotors if you need and good pads too.