Belly pan question regarding short megaphone style exhausts

Long time lurker, first time poster here with a question.

I have a first gen. Busa and I'm looking into a short megaphone style exhaust system, either Brocks or Muzzy. I was wondering what kind of issues i will have with my oem belly pan? I don't wanna leave it off because i like the look. I believe the Muzzy system eliminates it all together because Ive seen no pictures anywhere with it still on, but I'm not positive on this. I cant find any Muzzy instructions online myself to confirm this. I like the Brocks but its a money thing like everything else in life.

I appreciate any thoughts on this Thanks!


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contact me at my email below and I can discuss and send pics to you if needed. we sell both and have installed both so likely may have some pics, and can provide tech support from install to finish via email or phone..
i have a muzzy and have no issues
Yes thanks, but i have a gen 1 busa. I want the exact muzzy system that you have for a 99-07 Busa.

If there is anyone that can confirm if the Muzzy M10 system will fit a gen 1 Busa (99-07) without interfering with the belly pan i would appreciate it.

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