Beats By Dre Heaphones

I got a bunch of the Tour in if anyone is interested. I was able to lower the price from the previous one because I bought them in a larger bulk.
These things are amazing. Just got my Tour and Pro headphones in the mail today. These Beats by Dre Tour earphones have the most amount of bass I have ever heard with headphones while still maintaining crisp high frequencies (I have had Rockford Fosgates, Bose, and Sennheiser headphones also). Awesome clarity and comfortable. The Pros are just as amazing. They are super comfortable and amazing clarity as well :thumbsup:

I got a supplier that I get them from for about half of the retail price :cheerleader: Very impressed with them! If anyone wants some information or a hook up just let me know :beerchug:

How much for the over the ear headphones with control talk? (The big ones not the buds, I have the buds):please: