Beats By Dre Heaphones

Please pm me with a price for the earplugs:)
Do they have the little thing that controls the volume ?
If so those are the ones I want

Thank you !!
Wow ken :laugh: Altoids... thats awesome


JDS Labs

Neat eh? :laugh:

Thanks, Ken. And I was trying to remember a while back who made those Altoid's tin amps. I think I saw it in Bass Player Magazine a few years back. Thanks for the reminder. :beerchug:
Watching a movie with my Tour headphones and the bass is AMAZING. Its crazy how there is so much bass without sacrificing other sounds and clarity.
Welcome to the club Russell, beats by Dre are sick!
I think you will like the Studios the best
I got mine for $162 with my friends discount at Best Buy :)

2010-03-04 13.46.30.jpg
tell you what, you send me some of those expensive ones, i'll take em apart and fit them to my helmet
I have the Bose QC2's that I use on the airplane. The noise cancelling does fantastic. I'm told the noise cancelling on the Beats are just as good. I wonder how hard it would be to integrate them into a helmet and how well the noise cancelling would do?
I will be expecting my pair for Christmas...It's what God would want you to do :whistle: too..Please dear baby Jesus, shed yo light upon russell so that through his grace we may get some beats for christmas..on the freeside..dear sweet wonderful baby Jesus we ask this in yo name Amen:laugh:
Dear tiny Jesus, in your golden-fleece diapers, with your tiny, little, fat, balled-up fists….