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Hey Guys and Gals,

It's me again with a very important question. I have a buddy of mine who is getting ready to send his wheels out to have them chromed. He was wondering how to get the bearings out of the wheels, swingarm, and drive hub? I told him that I let some guys at my job, who are machinists, do the work for me. I wasn't real comfortable with doing it myself, so I had the pro's do it. I guess what I am really asking is if there is some special tool or some thing that is required to handle this job? I'm a fairly mechanically inclined person, but I have never dealt with any bearings except the ones in bicycle wheels. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You actually need a bearing removal press. I took mine to the local suz shop and they do it for free.

Im sure yours will too.

You need a wheel bearing remover set. There is a special Suzuki tool, but you can probably buy or rent one from your local auto parts store that works just as well. It is a clamp-looking tool, much like a steering-wheel remover tool.

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