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Hey guys I just wanted to drop a reminder to keep everyone conscience about the drunks and crazies that will be out this weekend. Please ride safe, I really don't want to look on the board next week and see that someone crashed.

On another note, I normally keep my mouth shut on the board and keep my opinions to myself but I don't think I can keep shut on this one. Please help me in making sure that our kids really know what Memorial day is all about. Most kids think that it's a day to the lake or the beach, or a picnic. Please tell your kids about our soldiers that sacrificed it all so we could have the picnics and the free days at the lake. I for one always have my son meet a new veteran and say thanks for what they provided us. If you dont agree with this post and you think that the government is too intrusive and you don't like our military, then piss off and go to Mexico or Cuba and see if it's any better there.. This holiday holds me accountable every year to remember what we have and to make sure that I pass that understanding on to my sons. I am not looking for replies to this post, or support. Be safe and remember what its all about.

Thanks guys






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Well you are not looking for a response, but here is one anyway.

Cap. well said

Stay safe.

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