Be careful


Was reading some job related material from CHP that just came out. Crash numbers up too yr. 2000 show #1factor for fatalities is booze, then speed and coming in third, turning movements. I am assuming over 90% of those will be left turns. We all know what to do and not to do. Be careful and remember that holidays bring out lots of traffic enforcement. Have a great Fourth!
I don't know I guess that I must fall into the 10% because it was a right turn that got me last year.  Anyway just be careful and watch out for all the turns.
Just saw the fatal part.  As you can guess I made it out alive.  I just broke my leg in four places.
I have been riding cycles for a long time now and along the way had several people I taught to ride here is a tip I teach everyone. I know there are some great riders in here but this is a thought I wanted to share and if it helps someone its worth the time. How many times did you ever hear some one say after a crash " I don't know why they turned in front of me! We had eye contact!" DONT look at the driver! look at the front wheel of cars pulled up to a corner or getting ready to turn!!!!! LOOK AT the WHEEL IT'S THE FIRST THING TO MOVE!!! IT TELLS ALL ABOUT WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE BY THE DRIVER!!!! Stop and think about it a sec. I have used this for years and it works. Also run with the high beams on all the time in the day, get the brightest head light you can buy. My thought is I want people to swear at me because its too bright!! Better to have some one swear at ya because they can't miss ya then to have them standing over you at the crash sight saying how sorry they were because they did not see ya..!!!!
Just a few thoughts, try it you will see how well it works.