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Just goin' by the info I've read on it, the Brock Davidson Enterprise/Hindle Street Smart exhaust has the most thought and engineering put into it as a Hayabusa specific system. I was just wonderin' if anyone here is runnin' the BDE/Hindle Street Smart system.

If so, any before/after dyno results? Any melted plastic? How's the fit? Is it what it is cracked up to be?

I think it is one schweet lookin' set-up and would like to have it if it's a clean install with no known problems. I'm gonna try and get my dealer to honor my warranty with a full system and just go ahead and do it right. Here's the BDE/Hindle installed on a bike. I love this look!
I have 1, brand new, sitting here in the box.
I have seen them installed and they have a great fit and finish.
They sit a little low(ground clearence). But you won't have a problem, unless you are slammed, and on the street. It works well at the track.
The header tube gets REAL close to the oil cooler at 1 point, but you can space the cooler out, just a bit. No problem at all.
I have heard of burnt plastic, but only on ther very bottom, where you can't see it, and only 1 incident, at that.

it makes power!!! :thumbsup:

So, ummm, Sleeper... Just how much power does one make sittin' in a box? :super: Sorry couldn't resist... :laugh: Thanks for the reply. That was not what I wanted to hear about melted plastics and ground clearance, but it sounds like this may be a problem with ANY full system. I've read tons of garb on all the different ones and it seems that someone somewhere has melted plastic with all the full systems.

When I go with a full system I think I may go ahead and line the inside of the fairings with some sort of heat resistant cloth, like header wrap. I don't want ANY melted plastics. I don't plan on slammin' my busa but I may end up goin' down 3/4 up front and an inch in the back. Don't think that'd cause much of a problem with most exhaust systems.

Anyway, send me that Hindle system and I'll put it on and dyno it. ;) I just found out that there's a bike dyno within 6 miles of my house. To top that, I know the guy that owns it so I might be able to get a break on dyno time. :super:

Give me a couple weeks and I'll post the results for everyone. I'll be out of town next week but will post personal results as soon as I get it installed and dynoed. I still need to get my bike base-line(stock) dynoed so I know what kind of improvement I will be getting with mods to come.

Speaking of base-line! BulletTrain, you need to take yours down and see what she's putting out stock since you are so close to a dyno. Let us know what you find out.

Josh :cool:
Yeah, I will. I may go see him wednesday and see about gettin' a baseline run before I do any mods. It'd be cool to know exactly what I get out of any mods I do. I'll post the stock numbers as soon as I have 'em. ;)
The pipe is for the other bike. This 1 will remain almost stock.
Cheese got 11hp on an 01 with nothing but the pipe change and a Brock map.
No airbox, cams or anything else.
He dynoed it and only made 1 change, in the middle of the rpms. He said that he didn't even need to make that change, but it was a little lean.

Middle holes on the links and you are ok, on the street.
Only heard of 1 burnt plastic, and it was out the very bottom.
If anyone sees THAT,
you have already run over them,
and the burned plastic will be the LEAST of your worries! :laugh:
Cool. I kinda think I'll end up with the BDE/Hindle. Most other systems seem to be geared toward the road racin' crowd. Brock definitely has his mind on the 1/4 mile, bein' the first street legal bike racer to hit the 7-second zone. Draggin' and dead stop/slow roll romps are my passion as well. I just think the BDE/Hindle will be exactly what I am lookin' for.

I think the BDE/Hindle system (mapped) and a 16 tooth front sprocket will make my busa exactly the toy I am lookin' for... for now. ;) :super:
Don't rule out the Big Bird, but we are back to the burnt plastic. You HAVE TO space the plastic with it. Makes the same power as the BDE tho.
BB= loud
BDE= quieter, atleast

You will enjoy either! :thumbsup:
I have a Hindle full ezhaust. It's not the brock version but bout the same. The oil cooler is very close on the 2nd header pipe from the right. Space it out a tad, or slightly dent the header in no sweat.

The "melting" plastic. Easy fix. On the bottom where the "brace" fits across from the left fairing to the right.. Put an alumin spacer and a slightly longer bolt on both sides. It opens the bottom up about 1/2 inch total. Put spacer between plastic and bracket. Solves problem.

Love the pipe. Im gettin 179 out of it.
Hey BT,
I was reading Brock's write-up the other night. Seems like a no nonsene type. I like the pipe too. The graph on his site picks up torque from the crack of the throttle, all the way to redline :)
I've thought about picking up one of his "kits" (dog bones, straps, etc..), but I'm not sold on the clutch mod. Probably because I'm not ready to tack 4k and launch - rookie driver. I like to get it rollin' then crack it open and hang on.

If the weather is good, I'm planning to join atlbusa up at commerce this friday night (19th). Its $10 test-n-tune night. I need to get some seat time. I've never made a timed pass at a real 1/4mi track.

If you feel like makin it three... we'll be there.
Steve C.
Hey qwck10th,

I'm workin' this weekend or I'd be there. Atlanta Dragway in Commerce was a great track the few times I ran my Trans Am there. So sticky that you could hear the tires peelin' off of it as you rolled to the line! That's where I plan to go for my first busa 1/4 runs.

You guys have fun! Maybe I can make it next time. Be sure to post yer times. :super: