BDE Clutch mod

Mine helped tremendously, although I would probably have bought the billet one if I could do over, but well worth the money..

I wish you would give a little more information about the MTC inner hub? How much? Good/Bad? Why is it better?


I have the BDE clutch mod and it's well worth the money. No problems at all and have gotten down in the 1.61 60's (limited by rider, not bike).

Can you explain me what the advantages of that BDE clutch mod? The clutch is really one of the points I don't love in the Busa...
The mod won't allow the clutch to chatter or slip off the line. Brock sells the billet one for about 200 bucks and the one for the core is about 130. I just bought the clutch cushion kit and it should be here monday. They say that the mod and the cushion make it amazingly better. We'll see. I might replace the inner hub too like JC said, I think it's around 200.
MTC inner hub

the reason he said it is better is because you replace the inner hub with a one piece inner, not just the lock up in the center of the hub. it's stronger and less chatter prone

Have any of you guys tryed the BDE clutch cushion or installing a 02 to 04 clutch pack and cushion springs in a older 99 to 01 bike? that also helps control chatter on the launch.

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i have the bde clutch mod and cush kit... i have only had to replace my friction plates 1 time. that was at 12500 miles and about 50-60 passes at the track. i would have to say its damn well worth it.
I don't try to 60' as hard as most, I managed over 500 runs on a single set of clutch plates that lasted a entire season with just a clutch mod. average 60ft 1.70 to 1.75

I would take the steels to work and give them a very light glass beading from time to time to remove the glaze
I have the Carpenter clutch mod. Very simalar to the BDE. It's was the best thing I could do to improve overall feel and control. The lever is a little heavier than stock though.