Bazzaz Vs Dynojet Pc

What's up people?

I'm currently running a PC III + quickshifter on my '06 LE. It's been dynotuned and a buddy did some minor tweaks to the tune on the street. Tune-wise I'm pretty happy. The quickshifter is overall 'ok', doesn't feel as good as an OEM BMW quickshifter for example, but it does the job I guess.

This winter I'm planning on giving my loved one some TLC. Trying to upgrade as much as possible to make her ride better/faster/smoother. Extended swingarm is being fabricated for me as we speak.

My question is; is it worth for a streetbike (with the occasional dragday) to upgrade to the Bazzaz ZFI - TC?
How is the quickshifter? is the TC any good?
I will be getting a new exhaust system soon to replace the Akrapovic so I have to get her retuned anyways.
I've been reading on the interwebz and can't really find a hands-on experience of a Busa with Bazzaz ZFI - TC.
Most of the dyno's (And bikes for that matter) recommend DJ. But what I understand is that in the states you guys prefer Bazzaz?




Full Akrapovic system
BMC filter
Full Airbox mod
TRE box
KPS clutch mod
KPS shiftfork
KPS link rod
Factory pro velocity stacks
Powercommander lll USB
Dynojet quickshifter
Fast by gast. Race cut transmission


I hope you're around when I get into that sixpack. Mine is still sitting in the box. I don't know if Smith is going to offer much tech support on that for a while. ECU Editor is an amazing and inexpensive way to go. I've always heard the Bazzaz QS was second to none though. I hope ECU Editor offers as much adjustability.

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