Bazzaz or Power Comnander V


I have an 08 Busa with a Brocks Full System, Air Box Mod- Coated, Gixxer 1000 stacks, Ram Air Tube Seals, K&N Race Filter, Pair Valve Removed, Lowered 2", 4" Extended Trac Dynamics Swingarm, Brocks Clutch Mod, Healtech X-TRE, Speedo Healer, 1 down front sprocket 2 up in rear. And wanted to find out which is a better choice Bazzaz or Power Commander V?
Thank you for your input
Get rid of the TRE.
Flash the ecu with Ecu Editor.
Get the Power Commander and a base map from Brocks.
If you're getting a dyno tune, go somewhere that dyno tunes with Ecu Editor if possible, then you won't need the Power Commander or Bazzaz.
If not, still have the ecu flashed and get a Power Commander or Bazzaz dyno tune to go with the flash.

You're in NY, take it Powerhouse.
He can do an Ecu Editor or Ecu Unleashed dyno tune, and you won't have to buy a Powercommander or Bazzaz.
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Cant add anything additional, I echo sixpacks sentiments. Good advice. :beerchug:
I just did the PCV and Dyno tune. I like knowing when I experience any problems I can disconnect PC and diagnose from a factory tune. Mine is a daily rider, not racer so this works best for me.
The airbox I installed the short stacks, ram air tube seals (they seal around the frame instead of the foam that is pushed against it) and coated the whole airbox with aircraft grade heat shielding. Any other questions please let me know.