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Hey everyone it looks like better weather is now upon us. Was looking to see who is all around the Bay area so we can plan a ride. I'm new up here (Fresno raised) and I would like to get a big group of us together to hit the road. Let me know if your around and when would be a good time for everyone so we could plan it out. All I see in groups is Harleys and its getting old.:laugh::laugh:

V-Max 2 Busa

Welcome to the org, hey I used to live in Castro Valley. Quite a few of us used to get together for group rides on the weekends, common rides were coastal - Stewart's Point-Skaggs Spring Road, Annapolis Road. Then there are some good roads around Lake Berryessa - Sage Canyon Road, Chiles Pope Valley Road, Berryessa Knoxville Road, Morgan Valley Road. And the Sierra's, well where do I begin? Gotta hit em all at least once. It's definetly time to get back out again, Busa's ready to go, this weekend is forecast for 76 degrees and sunny. I'm sure we could round up a few riders. Maybe a meet up midway for breakfast (Fairfield, Vacaville) then hit some twisty's around Berryessa.

cauliflower ears

I live in Campbell (West San Jose) and we are running all over the Santa Cruz mountains (Hwy 9, 238, Skyline, Alice's, etc. ) and up and down the coast. My group is a mix of Supermoto, Harley's and Sportbikes. Im always down for a ride if you want to take the trek.


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