Baxley Sport chock


I was just wondering if anyone has a picture of the mounting hardware for this badboy,(sport version) just figured I could make it a hell of a lot cheaper than buying it outright. Not trying to stick it to the man or anything but just looking out for number one :laugh: just like he does! :laugh: If I knew exactly what it looked like I'd just do the d*mn thing. Just bought this chock off a friend of mine, who just used it as a stand in his garage. Thanks in advance for everyones help- GOD I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!


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There's a few guys with them, I have one of mine bolted into my trailer with 3 lag bolts and the other I use as a stand in the garage :thumbsup: see just buy two and you dont have to worry with moving them around :laugh:

seriously though, what they sell is 2 threaded bolt receivers for lack of a more technical term that go into the floor, I've seen it with a steel plate over it and some without. I'm sure some others will chime in here but if you check out the trailer section or search for the baxley chock you'll find plenty of pics of the setups :thumbsup:


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Baxley makes an anchor plate you mount to the trailer floor, they are costly though. I made mine from 1/4" plate, drilled and taped a hole, used a router to recess them in the floor.:thumbsup:


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