battery drain...have read other post fixes not helping.


i have 06 stock no mods but revlimiter plug. i took negitive cable off put meter in series get 10volts. so hooked up test light pulled fuse at time fuel fuse makes light go out no ive unpluged fuel pump kickstand switch all injectors round white plug an thrre others on rleft side engine ignition plug an still have short.big relay right side by battery box belive starter i pull fuse light goes out. pull plug light goes out. im a going right direction? i seperated the grounds big one goes directly to starter does not light up lights.the black an white smaller one with the pug by battery box is one test light on..thanx in advance
The bike uses the battery to power things when the bike is off. Download the free manual and follow the trouble shooting procedures, but I agree a fully charged battery should be close to 13 VDC. Might need to pull it and charge it. If its 10 VDC buy one if it's close to 13 or better have it load tested.
I had battery charged an load tested came out good its only 6months old also.thats why know there is a drain or short in system. Now when I said getn 10volts thats with meter hooked up negative side battery terminal an negative battery cable. Not across battery.
Ok unplugged Speedo an test light went is that my short? Dont wann just throw new Speedo in for nothing..
The link provided took me straight to where you need to be. Hopefully it works for you.
Ok unplugged Speedo an test light went is that my short? Dont wann just throw new Speedo in for nothing..
No sir, the clocks take power when the bike is off. For example the clock that is always displayed.
I didnt have meter at time but if I pulled fuel fuse test light went out/ if pull starter relay plug test light went out/if un hooked speedo light went out. Ive unplugged ever plug I can thats the only 3 things make diffrence. I teally appreciate all the hints...gotta be close now!
Fund nothing new but let me ask this...if negitive batter cable runs to frame an a common "ground" thru whole harness an components an positive battery cable runs to starter relay then threw main 30a fuse to fuse panel an all components. If u was to do continuity test between both battery cables if hot wire was touching frame, engine, or a negative wire u would get reading...CORRECT? I dont get no ready at all. Im heading to buy new battery after work an see if that fixes.maybe short is internal plates battery. Will tell outcome tonight!