Battery bolts getting hot


Having trouble with the battery.

Battery is only a couple of years old.

Brought the battery to Batteries plus after I put a full charge on it. They put it through a test, and said they stated it did well on it. I brought the bike to them, and they tested the battery when the bike was running and they stated it was charging the battery with 14 volt range at idle.

It all started when I was trying to start her one day and she just ran out of juice. I just held the starter button, and noticed the battery bolts were getting hot. I connected the terminals with some alligator clips, without the bolts. And the bike started right up!! I was like was this the metal bolts causing the heating?? It is a larger battery than it is suppose to have by 50 or so cold cranking amps.

I then got some nylon bolts, and used them. All is starting great!!! Then it seems after the bike really heats up, or try to start it too many times she does not want to start again.

She is going to the shop, have a appt. Does anyone have a clue??? Could be so many things, to just need a new battery.
only a couple things will cause this

corrosion between connections OR excessive draw on the system starting..

remove the cable and clean the parts that contact (wire brush, file or as a last resort sand paper) clean the the mounting surfaces at the battery also.. Things should all be shiny clean..


I have no idea what starter draw is on these bikes so can not help you on that part.. Most parts stores have battery/starter test stands that roll out into the parking lot (and are induction type) so they can check your starter draw if you can convince them they can do a bike..
I am having the bike looked at on May 2nd. Also I found that when they bike heats up ***** to start, after riding a bit. But let the bike sit 10 minutes or so, and bang she will start right up. I will have them check the grounds on it as well.