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Tim, I'm sorry I didn't get to ride with you more. Remember invite yourself to the beach any time. Thanks for the tour of the Foothills and entertaining Monica when I was off doing guy stuff (as she would say).

Oh, thanks for the pics too...
Ted, the ride Friday was great. I have a few more roads to take ya on the next bash. :D Monica is a sweetheart, great catch Ted. I will come to the beach, and your gonna come to my house for nightfall. You and Monica and the little pooch take care. :)


Fun Times!
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Wished I got to the Foothills with ya! I love it up there. In the Spring someone's gonna have to bring me. Since we will most likely have Anastasia with us again! :lol: You guys have her hooked.

You or Anastasia either one can ride with me, if Halie does not come, it would be my pleasure, if it is OK with Dave. :) I took this pic at the photo shoot of Anastasia and Dave. You looked pretty proud in the pic also. Reminded me of when Halie came with me, good times.

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