BAD vibrations!!!!! please tell me i didnt waste 14k.


First off I love this site!!! i have just bought a 2013 Hayabusa with 0.0 miles on it and have come from a history of owning 7 R1,s in the past. I bought this bike because i wanted a "bad butt" powerful comfortable bike. I ride 45 minutes to and from work every day i can. This thing vibrates TERRIBLY in the handlebars, the tank, the seat, the foot pegs, the clutch and brake levers and dont even touch the heel guards. I went to Yamaha of southern illinois and the tech started the bike and put his foot on the foot peg and ran her up to 4500 rpms- He quickly pulled his foot off and said "What the Heck was that?" long story short the tech ended up telling me this is normal and Suzuki said its just like that. ????????????? Umm i bought this to be able to ride distances and have the BAD BOY, but after an hour of riding im ready to get off. I could ride my R1 ten hours a day and not feel beat up. I feel every bump in the foot pegs as well. also when i pull up to a stop of any kind and get ready to take off again i ease the clutch out and get a "clunk" as letting it out slowly.

I have read reviews of people riding these and not be able to tell how fast they were going because it was so smooth. He didnt ride this one lol. I can FEEL EVERYTHING, and it feels pretty bad actually.

Any help on what I can do or whats going on.

Thanks Guys!!!

E Zurcher

Dude, your bike should be smooth like butter. If it's vibrating that bad take it straight back to the dealer and find out what's wrong. The only vibes you should feel are at around 3400 RPM which works out to about 84 mph indicated in top gear. Very mild, Slightly faster or slower and it goes away. Most if not all gen 2s do it and it's just a resonance in the engine.


Thats what I was thinking. It vibes pretty bad. It is not smooth at all, but do i go through Suzuki, My dealer doesnt want to mess with it I am assuming. They said they checked the motor mounts, but I assure you its very abnormal. Ive ridden harleys with less vibrations.


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It's under warranty, take it back.
There should be no vibrations at all.
Something isn't right.
I have ridden all the R1's up to 08(personally I'm not a fan), and the gen2 Busa is a smoother ride.


That ain't normal and that ain't how a busa runs..... you bought the bike brand new so it should still be under warranty. take it back to the dealership and have them fix whatever the problem is. If this so called dealership doesn't fix it or even attempt to I would get their diagnosis in writing that nothing is wrong and that your gonna take it to another shop and have them look it over to get another opinion because your not satisfied with their service. Bet you they change their tune :whistle:


The dealership already said it was normal. I dont even think they rode it. I just want a fair shake. I honestly dont enjoy riding this bike. I was super excited to get it and now i feel kind of shafted. It definitely is not smooth as butter. your guys bikes really smooth??


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As already pointed out, your experience with this particular bike DOES NOT REPRESENT the great majority of Gen II Busas.

For comparison, ask to ride another Busa in that dealership. If none available, find another Gen II Busa owner near you. You're either hypersensitive to vibes or you had the misfortune of buying a "bad" sample which should be fixed under warranty. Best of luck.
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Where are you located? Have another Busa driver test it, compare both and then get the dealer to open up a warranty repair order.


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How is it at idle?
Does it vibrate noticeably just sitting on it? Does it vibrate, or vibrate more when revving the engine?
Or is only an issue when moving?


I have the counterbalancer shaft out of my Gen II with some motor work on it and I ride it 75 miles one way to work and all over the place and my knees get sore long before the vibration gets to me. Something ain't right!


First off there arent too many Gen II busas around me that I know of. And also when the tech pulled his foot off the foot peg real quick and looked at me with a puzzled look i am guessing it isnt right lol. I honestly dont think im sensitive to vibes, I drive a trans am with headers no cats loud exhaust and it rides rough as crap because thats how they are but it feels smooth to me lol. I am located in Southertn Illinois and would appreciate anyone near me with a Gen II to hit me up.

it idles fairly smooth but as the rpms go up so does the increasing vibrations almost to the point of you almost dont want to go fast BECAUSE of the vibrations. You absolutely KNOW when youre going 100 mph. My 09 R1 you couldnt barely tell. (im not saying the R1 is better by no means but as a comparison only)


If youre close to me give her a whirl. Im getting frustrated :-( Dont get me wrong it isnt the worst feeling in the universe but its SOOOOOO noticeable and very uncomfortable. I guess ill call the same dealership and then ask them to try it again and then tell em im going to a larger dealershipo and see what they say.

I dunno


Where are you? City and State?

If there is another Busa at the dealership, ask to ride that.
If not by posting your city and state someone might be near you and assist you somehow.

I'm not sure what a dealer has to do when they receive a bike.
Are they fully assembled? Maybe something is not torqued to the correct amount?
Easy to say the motor mounts are there - but are they torqued correctly? They make mistakes
at the factory once in awhile too. But if the tech's don't normally have to check the torque of the
motor mounts it's real easy for them to say - there fine, without ever checking them.

My guess - if everything is shaking is motor mounts, forks, tires not balanced, or wheels not correctly installed or torqued to specs.

If you don't get any satisfaction from the dealer I would start with taking the fairing off and go over every bolt
I could find. The tech's working at a dealership will never care about your bike like you will.
They could do more damage trying to figure out what is wrong - sad but true, depends on the tech.
I'm not saying all tech's are bad but it seems rare to find a good one that cares.

Post where you are. If you were near me I would try to help.
Bummer that you buy a bike that you don't what to ride. :banghead:
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Adam G

My 2012 is very smooth. Something is wrong for sure man. You may have to go over the dealers head. I would say give them one more try and be firm. If they do not take care of you I would start going up the chain of command at Suzuki. It may take some phone calls and persistence but trust me, you will get some where.


I live in Harrisburg illinois. I am a Service manager at a Dodge Jeep Chrysler Dealership, and worked for a year or so as a Honda Kawasaki tech. I do agree no one cares as much as you do about yout own bike, but im away from home 12 hours a day and when im home im pooped lol. Grrrrrrr im bummed.


This is a gen1 (which is less refined than your gen2) on a dyno. The dyno reaches 200 mph, you'll note the bike is smooth like butter:



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Lemon laws in your state ? I do trips. Just went 1500 miles over the 4th. At 4K my nose might tickle a little. That's normal.


That is a shame I also find my gen 2 very smooth for a inline 4 take it back to the dealership and demand some resolution to the problem be polite but firm if that does not work I would then get in contact with Suzuki head office good luck with this :thumbsup:
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