bad fuel pump

Check filters first. Usually pumps die quickly and just don't work. Signs of fuel starvation range from hard starting and won't continue to run once started. More subtle signs are not revving cleanly to redline, hesitation at WFO and lack of responsiveness when making small throttle changes. My fuel filter clogged and the bike would still run but wouldn't go over 7000 rpm at WOT.
Mine didn't do that. Once I hit a steady speed she ran fine. Take her out and whack open the throttle in 2d gear and hold it there, If it starts missing and doesn't pull to redline smartly, you probably have a clogged filter. One thing I found out when trying to figure my issue out is that fuel pump failures are very rare and usually the pump just dies. You can also do a fuel pressure test or have the dealer do it. Procedures are in the service manual. On a gen 2 you need special equipment because of the weird fuel line they use.
Ok I have tried to redline in second and i get a jerk before i get there, i have also been talking to a couple of gear heads at work and they think could be a ecu problem.
I filled my bike up at this little Circle K in Georgia a couple years ago, within 50 miles my bike ran perfect to about 6000 rpms and then acted like a rev limiter. I added fuel treatment and got home. The filter was clogged with rust particles and although I cleaned it and added new strainer, it still took a new fuel pump to cure the problem. Hope that helps.
One filter and it's integral to the fuel pump and sender. It's located in the tank. Disassembly procedures are in the service manual but it's not that hard to do if you have basic mechanical skills. Essentially, you remove the tank, turn it upsice down, remove the fuel pump attaching bolts, remove the fuel pump, filter and sending unit. Disassemble and replace the filter. Reverse for installation. Filter costs around $250.00 and there is no substitute, OEM only. Talk to Justin at Honda East and he will give you a good price.

Before you drop that kinda cash, make sure the filter is the problem. May be worth it to bring it to a dealer and do some troubleshooting. I had mine out a few times and backflushed it with clean gas with limited sucess, that's how I knew it was the filter or pump. I was ready to replace the whole unit at $650.oo but based on Justins advice, I just replaced the filter and was good to go.
having similar issues..was riding and... poof! it shut off then came back on..then shut off again then came back on. F1 light came on and starting flashing all the way home..was hoping bike wouldnt die on me..was in the middle of the boonies at night!


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Talked to a couple of other busa owners and they seem to think its the ecu
Instead of wasting time talking and guessing with other gearheads,go get yer hands dirty. Start with the least expensive and work yer way up. Half these tests are free to do. If you thinks its a fuel prob,get on it. Ecu,get on it. Talking to the gearheads at work is fine and all,but unless they are gonna come over and fix it,yer wasting yer time. It may be a simple as some shid gas,but the keyboard in front of you isn't gonna magically fix it for ya.

I'd get a siphon hose and drain the tank into a WHITE plastic bucket,then you can see whats foating around easier.(plastic syphon hose pump, 5 bucks)
Toss about 1 gallon of that gas into a clear jug.Gas rises to the top,water sinks to the bottom.(I got 10% water once at a fill up)
Shine a flashlite into tank and look for debris.
Test the pump or move on.
Lift the tank. 2 bolts at the front.lift slowly looking for a kinked line.
Use the prop stick to hold tank up.You'll fine it under the hump/pillion seat in cargo area on the clutch side sitting in pinch points.
Remove the pump,being carefull not to wreck anything like seals etc.
Get the filter out and clean it. Pour good gas thru it backwards,its called back flushing.Same as an' air cleaner.Never blow compressed air into it,always out.
How much shi7 came out of the filter? Lots,that might be yer prob. Nothing? Move on.
If it was dirty,re-assemble and go for a ride.if its better,but maybe not perfect,prob solved.(dont dump the dirty gas back in yer tank unless its minty clean.)
Bike is still fugged? and "The Gearheads" have suggest ECU.Find a busa buddy and swap a known working one in.

Go get yer hands dirty and spend 5 bucks. You'll learn alot as you go,and can maybe avoid big shop bills in the future.

I Def agree with you on everything you said found out the gear heads at work are useless its when we we are talking about racing but when i have a problem nobody really cares so i really do appreciate you guys and gals on here for giving me detailed trouble shooting tips as of now i have a paperclip jammed in the switch to see if i can catch the code that pops up when i'm riding hopefully i will know more this afternoon.:thumbsup:

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