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What's up guy's. Had a busa when they first came out. Sold it to get into harleys. Did the softail and Ultra thing for a while and just yesterday, bought an 06 silver/blue busa with 2397 miles. Forgot just how incredible these things are. Sold my Ultra last fall as I got tired of riding a dinosaur. No liquid cooling meant no Harley for me anymore. Glad to be back and just wanted to say HI.


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Welcome to the oRg, sounds like you got a heck of deal on your bike! :beerchug:


She's in pieces right now. The guy that had it before me had things all screwed up idle-wise. He had it set up where you had to pull the fast idle lever towards you all the way so the bike would idle. Problem was once you rode for a bit, it would shoot up to about 2000rpm at idle. If you pushed the fast idle lever away from you, it would die. I pulled the plugs and gapped them as they were only about .020 and adjusted the fast idle cable so it now runs about 3000 rpm with the lever pulled towards you. With the lever all the way back away from you the bike now idles about 1100-1200 rpms. Gonna change the oil now. Reset all the suspension setting back to factory as he was all over the place with these too. After the oil change, she gets put back together and washed and waxed. Pics should be around soon but the bike is all stock. Thanks for all the kind "Welcomes" though. Man I missed riding a busa.

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:welcome: back to 'busa country! I like to see those saved whose days spent at the hands of the lesser minded are redeemed to spend better days under the hand of the learned and wise. Enjoy! (Dang, did that sound too philosophical!?!! :laugh:) :thumbsup: :beerchug:

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