Back in the Saddle Again


After three weeks I finally got my bike back out of the shop and the starter fixed. Now if it just zstops raining I'll be good to go.

For anyone having starter problems these are my recommendations.

1. Contact Suzuki America's service department and explain the situation.

2. Reference their starter clutch notice dated 12/02/2002

3. Get a service number and the name of the person you talk to.

4. Take it the local dealer with the service #, the name of the person you talked to at suzuki america, and mention the "goodwill fix" ..

5. That should cover everything you need to get the upgraded starter assembly and the free labor you need to get you back on the road.

Oh most of the dealers as well as suzuki are VERY familiar with the problem so don't let em BS you even if the bike is out of warranty.

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Now if we can just get the sun to come out everything will be RIGHT in my little world