Back from the track!


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Last night was finally nice enough to take the Busa out and see what she could do.  As luck would have it, I didn't run nearly as good as I had hoped but it was a new bike so I guess that means it's okay for "now!"

Let me just start out by saying the factory 03 clutch SUCKS!  I will be heading down to BDE in the next day or two to start with the mods.

These runs are on a BONE STOCK 03 Special Edition Hayabusa!

As I bucked and spun my way down the track......

First Pass:  (Spinning) 60' 1.960  1/8' 7.234 and 1/4 10.855@134.38.

Second:  60' 1.899 1/8' 6.943 and 1/4 10.525@135.52

Third: (BEST)  60' 1.830 1/8' 6.851 and 1/4 10.427@136.37

Fourth: 60' 1.918 1/8' 6.926 and 1/4 10.502@135.93

What exactly did they change on the 03's because I don't remember my Blue/Silver 01 being hard to launch at all??

I was running consistent 6.60 & 6.70 1/8 mile times with it!

Once I get the clutch sorted out, I'll be back for more.


the '02 and '03 are eaiser to launch. I know that for a fact but why go BDE mod when the MTC inner is the way to go and you will be happier

Tell me more about the MTC inner?

What exactly is different and why is it better?


Sounds like you had fun. I wasn't aware that there were clutch changes from year to year. I wonder which year the change happened.
no problem launching mine... stock 02 clutch. oh, best 60' is a 1.59, 6.38 1/8.

just get out there, sit up on that tank, and hammer that dog! I leave at 7k rpms. 150lbs.

seat time will get you better results.
You leave at 7k RPM's on stock clutch, stock tire, no wheelie bars, and not lowered? :eek:

If not what have you got done and what do you recommend?


You leave at 7k RPM's on stock clutch, stock tire, no wheelie bars, and not lowered? :eek:

If not what have you got done and what do you recommend?


I said stock clutch..... not stock everything!

sticky tire, low, yada yada.... just saying, stock clutch on my bike. it works fine unless you are pushing 200+hp
(Homer Simpson) Dooooooooohhhhh! j/k


You mind telling me what you recommend, or at least PM me with your secrets?

I am just trying to get as quick as possible without stretching it and still appear stock!


Josh :)
I have a "99 busa" bouth it new in june of 99. took it to the track and was only able to run a 10.30 in the1/4 mile. So I did mods (pc2, air filter, air box, lower the front (strap) and the rear(bones),4 into 1 header,cut rear fender,remove pair valve, remove grab bar, and remove shark fin). I was able to turn a 9.81 in the 1/4 mile.With the stock clutch of "99". But I still not happy, because  my bubby with a totally stock "02"busa run a 9.57. So we change bikes thinking that his bike was put together better. But to my urpise his bike run slower with me on it 10.15 in the 1/4. But of coruse he run my bike at 9.85 with two passes and the four pass was a 9.77. With that said I ask him how does mine pull he said it pulls better than his. So with or without mods these busa will pull 9's in the 1/4 mile.His trick is to slide the clutch passed the 60 ft with it wide open as soon as the bike starts to move.  :beerchug: