back from the being at the dragon for a week. oh what fun it was!


Got back from the dragon yesterday and man it was some fun. I left last Saturday and came back Wednesday. While I was there I traveled the 28. skyway and dragon numerous times. Overall it was great. Not too hot and no rain. I didnt see any crashes but I heard there were a couple but nothing serious I dont think. I did see about 5 or 6 fellow busa riders while I was there. Mostly cruisers though as is usual these days. Met with the THP motor officer and had a great conversation with him. On the way out I stopped in at the store and met with the North Carolina Motor Officers that were getting breakfast. They had their BMW's lined up out front. Nice rides. I have some pics and a lot of video with my gopro. I will try to upload at least some of the pics and try to figure out what to do about the video part. Never done that before.

this is part of the skyway Im sure most of you know

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I have yet to have the pleasure. Good for you,nicely done. Ya lucky bastid. :moon:

Yes, I'm jealous. :bowdown:

One of my favorite areas to ride. the snake is also very good and less busy...just got back from there too.

I had go pro 3 it was useless, 90 minutes on a full charge or half that if you use wifi remote. Gave the damn thing back. BTW, the resolution at full is too high for any online service. (4k x 2k)
I clicked the link and it worked ok. I used my gopro with a battery backpack and also had an extra battery to boot. I used the 960 resolution at 30fps. seemed to work fine. got several hours out of it.
On my way out to head home on Wednesday I noticed the motor officers had parked at crot so i turned around and pulled in and took some pics of their bikes. pretty cool I think North Carolina State Patrol. One of them came out and we chatted for a few. Guess they have 12 state wide. Decent fellow. And then I was off headed home

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ok so I had a set of Pirelli rosso front and rears on my bike. The front was not real new but probably only had about 1k miles on it some of which was at the dragon from one previous trip. The rear was nearly new. 1k maybe also or less. Any way. It seemed that I managed to wear the front tire out as you can see from the pic. I had to go see Mr. Wheeler. I know that these tires are a softer compound but I am really kinda disappointed with how they performed. They did not last any time at all. My trip down was about 400 miles. while I was there I put another 900 miles on those tires up to the point were I took the pics and got the front replaced. The tread on the side looked nearly new but I ate them up really fast. Too fast I thought. So I had a Pirelli angel gt put on the front. On a side note. I knew it was time to go get the tire changed because I felt the front end try to wash out on me like 2 times in both lean directions and in different turns so I knew I better get it taken care of. After I got the tire replaced I rode back up, got it scrubbed in and tore it up for another hour before calling it a day. The last pic shows the new one all scrubbed in and no chicken strips.!

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NO chicken strip on the back either. but look how little is left on the side tread at the wear mark. I mean I had not even scrubbed in the tire on the sides before coming down and its already almost there... Not liking that. I will b replacing the back with the angel gt as well. I really loved my strada's that I had before. Never had a problem with them at all. Hugged like glue. For me at least anyway so Im sure these will do fine. And I can say the front was amazing. Like a whole new bike

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