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Don't bother by the time you but the restriction on it, it would not have a Supper charger or any of the cool electroinics because of pricing.


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I want a B-King!!!!!!

super changed with the heads up display!!!

Ill pay for it no matter what the price!!


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Ninja, you would realy build me one??? You like me that much and for only 52,000??? If you will take a check Ill take it!! now!!!

(hope you can hear the sarcasim)


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Anyone know the real estimated US $ amount for one would be??? Yes I know there not gonna be available here...

I e-mailed Suzuki R&D dept but havent heard back yet. There are at least as many people interested in this bike as the initial interest in the busa, maybe if enough requests are sent theyll make it for us... hmmmm?


I think the Ninja Eater is right, Cost Prohibitive and Government Intervention - toooo faaaast. Hay, it sure would be a cool bike. I think the next big market is Sport Touring Bikes. Baby boomers aren’t likely to purchase a 600 Ninja, if they do, their old bones won't be happy very long.

What I don't know is, how long Harley Davidson can remain strong. Just look in the newspaper, for sale a million Harley's. Why are people selling these beasts? I've seen one Busa is the newspaper (Minneapolis/ Saint Paul) this year. What does that tell you?

Ok, back to my point. The typical boomer wants to be fast and ride in comfort. Now, being a boomer, I got smart and picked up a Busa (the replacement for the Vincent). People are afraid of these brutes, so they stay clear of them. To bad for them, because they are the one's who will purchase the new Sport Touring bikes like the ZZ-R1200, FJR-1300 and ST-1300 at thousands more than a Busa can be had. If they only knew! Later…….
Hank, what that tell me is that there are 500 Harleys on the road for every 1 Busa. Harley will remain strong because of rider loyalty and the fact that people love that sound and the custom chromed out look, that is why all the foreign companys have now started making Harley look-alikes. I love both types of bikes but there is nothing that gets my heart beating more than the sound of a cammin, roarin, V-Twin. And futher more Harley now makes the Fastest Cruiser bike made bar-none, the V-Rod. So while I love my Busa, I inturn understand why Harley is so strong, they make bikes people LOVE. If they didn't, they wouldn't be where they are today.


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Harley, crusiers, FJ1300 I don't care.... I want a B-King... Suzuki I know that you are reading this board, send me one! I will open a new website B-da-King.org
I understand the Harley thing - except $18,000 to 20,000+. How long can this last, will the bubble break? Were these V-rods - I've seen one on the road!

Why would anyone pay $5,000 above retail for anything? Hell, my Mountain Bike has more suspension than the V-rod. (B-King). :whip:

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