B-King windsreen has anyone found a good one?


Hey went for my first 1000km's trip on the King but was getting the sht kicked out of me by the wind at 140 and up.
Anybody know of a good windscreen for the king that they have tested??

Thanks Apoo
I am 6 foot three and 218 pounds and I find the Puig screen makes a BIG difference. I can go much much much faster without any fuss.
You will be very happy with this addition to your King.
My next mod will be a set of 2Bros pipes.
I love this forum!
South Africa

Puig Screen 2.jpg

Puig Screen 3.jpg

Brian's King 3.jpg
Re: B-King windsreen has anyone found a good one? NOT PB!

I tried the Power Bronze and it is crap. Against my better judgement I drilled the three holes into the headlight cowl as directed, using their template. After less than hour at road legal speeds it was shaking the headlight and gage cluster horribly I headed home only to discover that despite the fact that is mounted in double rubber well nuts it was tearing the cowl itself. I am off to the dealer today to see how much a new cowl cover is going to cost. Anything over $100us will result in a carbon fiber replacement . If you are getting a Windscreen let me suggest you look for something mounts on the bars or the triple tree.

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