Awesome Tire Memories

I thought I might do something new and re-cap all of the tire usage I've gone through since owning the busa. 2005 busa, 20,800 miles and still burnin rubber.

Tire #1 - OEM tires, rear lasted 4100 miles
Tire #2 - BT-56 (RR), punctured at 1600 miles, experienced flat at 70mph (don't recommend this)
Tire #3 - BT-56 (RR), lasted 4100 miles
Tire #4 - Pirelli Diablo (Frt & RR), rear lasted 6000 miles (white chords look pretty)
Tire #6 - Pirelli Diablo, punctured at 5000 miles, experienced flat at 80mph last saturday (I really don't recommend this)
Tire #7 - On its way either to be punctured or chorded :cheerleader:

Ride on!

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