Awesome Bday Present!


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Hokay - so back in April, Michelle gave me a 45-min flight in a restored PT-19 WWII plane. Life got in the way and I finally got to book the flight...

So this morning I head up the road to the field and meet the pilot... We hop in and we're off! He took me all along the coast around the areas we live... It was fun, casual flight - seeing all the little towns...the HUGE houses on the water.

The best part was the last few mins of the flight...just as we're getting back to the field...

I wore my GoPro and here's a clip of the best part:


Thanks baby!!
How was that sensation of being upside down? Not completely natural is it?
I liked that.:thumbsup:

I couldn't of done it though, afraid of heights.

Remember when I was young my Dad, brother and me went up in a plane.
There was a sign on the plane which said " LADIES PLEASE DON'T PUT YOUR HEELS THROUGH THE WINGS":laugh: