Autumn picture contest


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Pretty time of the year, so with Cap's blessing I wish to award a prize to the best Autumn picture with your Busa. We will weed out and post a poll, so the Org can vote for the best pic. Fall colors will help towards a win.

The prize = 24Karat gold bullet pen, made by yours truly.

Contest ends November 10th 2013.

Nice, this should be cool. We are not seeing a lot of changing colors here yet. How long will you run the contest?
great idea! gonna have to break out the camera; however, i know i will be blown away by some of the other photographers on here.
Well, we don't get much fall color change here cause 98% of the plant life is evergreens.

I can post what it looks like here for fall but it won't look too fall like.
here is one of my favorites with Big Bird...this is just south of Tellico Plains.

Well... This was a great ride with Georgiabusa_05 and Fishhook back in 2011, I think. :thumbsup:

Try to excuse the one in the middle. :laugh: