Auto technology, other side of the pond


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Snapped these two pics at the airport in Brussels yesterday and read an automotive mag on the plane if Flemish, of which I understand about 90%

Over here where we still enjoy good fuel prices and large displacement, the Europeans are racking their brains to tap every possible kW out of a cubic centimeter.

It's all about g/km co2



For F1 race cars in 2014 Renault seems to be leading the pack with a 1.4l turbocharged motor, including two electric motors one recovering energy from the exhaust manifold heat. Over 600hp, to last through an F1 race.


Renault Details Turbo V-6 Engine for 2014 Formula 1 Season

Compact very affordable Renault 1.6l turbo now available to the public as a reliable vehicle at a very reasonable price, delivering 200hp.

It will be interesting to see if some of this technology starts getting into motorcycles, imagine a 800cc pushing 300hp, for the gen III Busa. :laugh:
I think on this side of the pond the technology gets bought and swept under the rug :whistle:
the fact is that there are better, nicer and incredibly way way more fuel efficient cars and trucks available for sale in the EU/UK than they have here in the US. Twin Turbo Diesel Jags that get 40+mpg, yeah you wont see that here. VW and Audi and to some extent BMW are slowly bringing TDI tech here. Merc has had it but the damn things werent reliable or really dont get the MPG you would expect.

Until the govt is run by the people and for the people again and not by lobbyists and corporations, we'll likely never see a real shift to fuel efficient options. GM is releasing a small diesel car soon, hopefully it does well so we can see more from Detroit but who knows.