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Ash Grey LONG sleeve Gen II

Discussion in 'Hayabusa Merchandise' started by captain, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. captain

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    Okay folks as I posted in a couple of other threads I am cleaning out the shelves in the garage to make room for my new wind turbine project. I have a lot of Hayabusa Merchandise that I have been sitting on and have been too lazy to move.. This is thread one of several threads to try and clear out some of the stock... I will wait to ship products for a couple of days to try and give anyone that wants more than one shirt in the same package to save a few bucks in shipping.

    First deal made in IM and paid via paypal will get the deal...

    Hayabusa Owner Group on the left breast with Gen II Kanji and Hayabusa lettering on the back

    Ash Grey LONG SLEEVE Hanes Beefy 10.00 + 8.00 shipping USPS Priority



    3ea 2xl

    6ea 3xl




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