Arrrgg!!My Busas Beak is Broken!!


I miss my bike already
It all started when I parked about 1 car length behind a ford f-250. I was off the bike for about a minute. My helmut was on the ground and I was taking off my jacket. All of a sudden the truck parked in front off my bike starts backing up. A second goes by thinking this guy will break and pull out: but no, he comes barraling back. I yell stop and try to reach for the horn when "crunch", he backs into my bike and stops then gets out of his truck. So im standing there in shock like WTF just happened? Of course he claims he checked his mirrors and didn't see me. I could understand if he didn't see the bike; but Im 6'1" and was standing right next to it. What was he just going to back over me too? So anyway at least it was a company truck and they will likley pay for the damage; which was the front wheel fender the front fairing and the headlight lens. Thankfully there was no fork or frame damage. Hey at least no more rock chips
Oh well lesson learned dont park any motorcycle behind a big ass truck. Im having the damaged qouted from a suzuki dealership anyone have a clue what it might be? Im guessing 1500-2500 dollars. I will need all three components for sure. Also how long does repair work like that take? Im hopping not weeks, because winters coming fast here in oregon.



you should easily be able to replace the stuff yourself and pocket the labor money. looking somewhere close to the $1000 range for those 3 pieces

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About $872 for the 3 parts. check to see if the nose is tweaked to the side, if it is you might need a faring stay $248.
Get a shop to do the quote for you plus labor. Then buy the parts from Ron Ayers for about 20% less and do the work yourself.
Also check with Charles @ Street & Track on the parts.


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DO you own the bike or have a loan? Some insurance companies won't hand the check to you if you have a loan, they will make it out to you and the lien holder, or straight to the repair shop.


(DeermeetBusa @ Sep. 23 2006,00:05) How do you pocket the labor money when insurance companies arn't involved?
you said the company is going to pay for it right? so you go to your cycle dealer and request an estimate. lets say parts are 1000 and labor is 200. you give the estimate to your company and they write a check for 1200. try to get the check made out to you. that way you can get the parts off ebay and save even more money. if they make it out to the cycle dealer it may be a little harder to keep the extra cash.


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they will charge you $90.00 for the estimate also, make sure that gets included in the final bill. I know, cause I recently just had one done. I hope everything works out for you!


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My stomach would have emptied it's contents on the guy! I feel for you guy!


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if you believe things happen for a reason..I know it hurts to have this happen to your bike but maybe this guy will be a lot more careful when backing and save a childs life..........or you have learned not to park behind the big truck, as you said.

Get high estimates and order painted parts and replace yourself.  You wil be paying yourself $75 an hour to fix your own bike.


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(slow learner @ Sep. 23 2006,12:24) Make sure you add the headlights to the repair list. It seems like the headlight mount tabs are broken too..
I think the headlights was one of the 3 parts figured in.


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Sorry for the damage to your bike. Did the bike stay upright on the stand?


Yea the bike stayed upright thankfully, guess my sliders will be tested another day. What sucks the most is that the dealership has my bike till its fixed. The estimate ended up being 1200+some change(850.00 just parts) I will try to just get the parts and install the parts myself. Ive had the side and front fairing off before to change to clear turn sigs, its a pain in the ass but definatly worth 350.00 bucks.


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(heavybusa @ Sep. 23 2006,11:50) Find a buddy that owns a body shop to chash the check.
How many of us have a buddy that owns/runs a cycle shop?

Hey, I wish I did!

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