Arrowhead ~ Big Bear ride this weekend . . .


Saturday April 6, 2013 ~ 8:00 AM

Meet up at Starbucks @ 31800 Grape St, Lake Elsinore, CA.

From I-15, go East on Railroad Canyon Rd to the first light.
Turn Right on Grape Street, and make the first left into the Walmart Shopping Center.
Then make the 1st Left to Starbucks parking lot.

Weather / roads are great now. No salt or loose gravel from snow . . .

See if my Sunday ridin' buds are up for a Saturday ride ?

Perhaps we post up a route down Newport Road ?

Maybe my brothers in Banning can ride too ?

No freeway flyin' on this ride ~ right ?

Mostly back roads in badlands !

I have some route ideas ?

Big Bear sounds FUN !

Red, *<(:{)-


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My next bike night

SC 3 Barnwell to

SC 70 to Denmark

US 321 to Columbia

I - 26 to Asheville

I - 40 toward TN

US 74 getting close now

NC 28 oh yes

NC 143 to Robbinsville

Rodney Orr to the Phillips

US 129 Ridin' The Dragon ( s Tail ) :poke:
Grape Ape bought himself a YZ450 last night . . .

So we will be dirt bike ridin' this Sunday ?

Unless a better ride comes up !

Adam went to Kawasaki ?

ZX Adam & ZX Rob.

Both got 14's !

Red, *<(:{)-
The first i've heard about Adam and a 14...the bastid(haven't heard from him in almost 3 weeks,will call him tonight).:laugh:
The first i've heard about Adam and a 14...the bastid

(haven't heard from him in almost 3 weeks,will call him tonight).


Man I ate way too much sushi last night . . .

But we saw Adam over at Jeffs ?

He bought a new ZX14 !

Red, *<:){)-
Anyone up for a bike ride to Big Bear Mountain this morning at 8:00 AM . . .

Head over to Circle K off the 215 & Ethanac for fuel around 9 ?

Meet at Starbucks @ 31800 Grape St, Lake Elsinore.

ZX14 Adam, Rob & Grape Ape want to go !

Meet with us down the road later on ?

Take Newport road to Goetz road.

To the Circle K on Ethanac ?

The 74 to Juniper Flats !

Hit up Bridge street ?

Gilman Hotsprings ?

The bad lands !

And Big Bear .

Red, *<(:{)-

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