Are you still riding?

Hey OZZ don't forget the humidity.
(1320Busa @ Oct. 26 2006,12:31) Hey OZZ don't forget the humidity.  
whats humidity? couldent get much nicer around here lately
hurry up sunday!!!!
Current ConditionsReported from Jacksonville NAS 10/26/2006 4:53 PM EDT
Temperature: 74°F 23°C
Conditions: Fair
Winds: E 9 MPH E 14 KPH
Relative Humidity: 55%
Barometer: 30.14 Falling
Visibility: 10.00 Miles 16.09 Kilometers
Feels Like: 74°F n/a
Local Doppler Averages, Records Weather Alert Sign Up Hourly Forecast
except for the rain coming, brrr,,, kinda chili tonight,,,brrr

I am EXTREMELY happy to announce that my official riding season has finally started.Its finally comfortable for me to ride around in the daytime with a comfortable 81 degree temperatues of south florida.I wish all year was like this.
Still plenty warm here in Springfield, MO too. I draw the line into the 30's.....just too hard to keep the hands warm.
Temps this week in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Been in the low 20's at night, and now we are warming up to the mid 40's durring the day. Still riding until the snow & salt trucks come. Looks like we have a few more 50F days comming, than looks like its going to dip into the Teens...Maybe snow next Tuesday.
Friday NAM|CA|SK|REGINA| Weather

Partly sunny and breezy
High Temperature: 46° F
RealFeel®: 36° F
WNW at 18 mph
Wind Gusts: 34 mph

Friday Night NAM|CA|SK|REGINA| Weather
Mostly cloudy
Low Temperature: 29° F
RealFeel®: 21° F
Winds: WNW at 13 mph
Wind Gusts: 31 mph

I will be out today. I think I will put the bike away on sunday cause they are calling for snow
29 degrees this morning. low to mid 30's all week. 24 miles each way to work. Rode all week.

A Balaclava and Gerbing electric gloves keep me plenty warm. Don't forget anti fog for your viser.

I just put a sweat shirt under my leather am I'm fine along with thin insulated pants. This morning wasn't bad at all. Finally no wind after 4 days of it.

I'd much rather deal with the cold than the stretch of winter where there can be months without a ride.
wow old post, the ice storm of 02 in OKC, I was there for that! my favorite was seeing that most of the vehicles in the ditches were the 4WD vehicles.

temps here this week in southern MD in the morning have been around 35 and highs of mid 50's and gusty(20-30mph) during the day. next week is supposed to be nicer though.
Temps here in Northern Okla 46 F with winds steady at 29 mph, gusting to 42 mph. Naaaaaaa, no riding today
30's in the morning - 50's in the afternoon. As soon as all my parts get in I'll be back up and running and will be riding until it snows.