Are you still riding?

Presently it's 80 F.....todays high will be 82 F, and yes I rode and will ride almost all year.

Sorry guys and gals.

Holy old posts, BatMan!!
(slep_rock @ Oct. 26 2006,10:34) Sunny and warm here in North doubt..still on da BUSA!!!
Slep you know this is a 4 year old post right?
Another trip in to the Flash Back Zone.

High of 83 here today. lows 45-50's. getting cooler agin tomorrow highs a freezing 72
It's always good to see that the season's still hit at the same time every year - right?
It was 38 yesterday on the way to work. Then I got soaked riding Home in the torrential rain! My personal low was 26 degrees last year. Problem is that there is a band of trees to the south side of my house that block most of the light from now until late spring! The road next to my place will be the first one to ice up usually. Gotta be careful of all of the fall folliage on the ground too. I got a big front end push yesterday on a bunch of pine needles! Be careful out there!
Hey what's all that white stuff on everything. Don't have any of that in sunny DAGO. I think the temp dropped all the way down to the high 60's or lower 70's. BRRRRRRR It's getting so cold here.
What does this say?
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If it's above 60, I'm riding. If it's below.. no way Jose!
yes, i am still riding and the average temps. up here are in the 40-50's right now! no snow as of yet and that is fine with me.
(LadyHawk @ Oct. 26 2006,14:59) What does this say?

If it's above 60, I'm riding. If it's below.. no way Jose!
Your avatar cracks me up!
Its a bone chillin 80 degrees here today rest of the week looks good to