are you going to watch torque


from the preview i saw when i watched matrix 3, it seemed aight, but i hope it doesn't turn out to be one of those crappy flicks that contains hot vehicles. so far, it has in a bike from triumph, some "american-chopper the series" look-alikes, and get this, the MTT Y2K! with a bike like that, the protagonist shouldn't have a problem winning any races!

i haven't seen any gixxers, hondas, yamahas, busas, and the like yet, but i bet they probably have some in there as well.

suprafly out.................................
it's fiction, it's bikes, it's only a movie... HECK YEAH! And I'll buy the DVD as soon as it's available
I will go to see it, but I am already dissapointed... The whole stoppie on a dirt trail with leaves that is swung around into a tree was a bit to much for me. But, because it is motorcycle related, I will have to see it anyway. I am REALLY looking forward to the Moto GP flick, "Faster!"
I will be looking for your reviews...I'm still so disappointed with Biker Boyz that I really don't care to see another attempt to relay our culture to the big screen... :devil:
I saw ads on that movie around the same time biker boyz was comin out, why the delay? I think ice cubes in it...

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I will go see it, then when it comes out on DVD I will go buy it. MOVIE=FANTASY. How many movies do you think they will EVER make about racebikes? These will be classics in a few years. And they will get better and better as people forget the terrible acting in them!!! :D :cool: :laugh:
I'll Rent it on DVD....But I am afraid it's going to do the same thing Biker Boyz did...Encourage a bunch of folks without any training or skill to emulate whatever stupid crap they see in the movie... And let us pray it doesn't make all of us look worse in the mainstream public eye...

Then Again, it's just a friggen with Motorcycles so I'm prolly on board...

I am really looking forward to Faster though.
torque is definitely going to be better than biker boyz, for one, Ice Cube is starring in it so you know someones gonna get b*tch slapped, unlike the BBs movie that starred sKuID Rock, the only slappin he does is to his wanker....
Oh I guesss I will see it. t can't be worse the Biker Boys? Geez I hope not anyway
I thought that was the MTT bike ramping over something. Maybe they had Jeremy McGrath doing the stunt riding. Oh well, its about bikes, I watch it anyway.
Speaking of biker boyz... in that first race scene....a few quick questions...

1) Looks like Lawrence fishburn (king of Cali) is riding a busa....true?

2) The biker who raced him was riding a :super:?? And what blew on his bike to cause the vibration that caused him to lose control and crash the bike and whirl it thru a store front window (killing Fishburns mechanic)

anyone know these things?