are my rotors bent?


Yesterday I had my tires changed at a shop by a guy that come to find out doesn't really know what he's doing. When I went to put the front tire back on the rotors seems to be doing a wobble to the point that I can't get a full rotation out of the wheel no matter how hard I spin it. When the wheel is at the tight spot the brake lever is rock solid, when it's at the loose spot it's almost so soft I have to pump it back up like it lost all it's presure(this is just to show you how bad it is). I took the rotors off and put them on a glass table and they don't look to be warped but when you spin the tire you can see them moving back and forth clear as day.

So are they warped or could it be something else?
I had the same problem, yes they are bent. I had the tires changed and put them back on. Pumped up the brakes went for a ride, 1st stop NO brakes!! I came home bled the brakes and same thing?? I kept f-ing with it finnally just went for a ride looked down saw rotor waving at me. Talk to the mechanic see if he will get you some new one or at least good used ones. Good luck.
Long story short the guy that changed them said he must have done it and has ordered me a set of EBC contour rotors. Even though my bike will be down for a couple of days I think I ended up making out in the deal.